Research Area Characterization

Orientation analysis in µCT  of AL(OH)3 filled SMC

To contribute significantly to a fundamental understanding of the material and the structural behavior of continuous-discontinuous fiber reinforced polymers new concepts for dimensioning and testing have to be developed. An integrated multi-scale approach focuses on a detailed description of interfaces between fibers and matrix as well as the layers of multi-material systems. Besides that, it deals with the macro-mechanical properties (see Fig. 1 and Fig. 2), and especially failure and damage mechanisms of continuous-discontinuous fiber reinforced polymers. Based on µCT (micro tomography) observations (see Fig. 3), a correlation between microstructure (see Fig. 4), process parameters and mechanical properties is sought

Fig 1: Micro tensile specimen for in-situ testing of CoDiCoFRP


Fig 2: 3-point bending test set-up


Fig 3: Orientation analysis in µCT (micro tomography) of AL(OH)3 filled SMC


Fig 4: Fractured DiCo CFSMC Carbon Fiber SMC sample