Research Area Design


An important aim of the IRTG is to develop a continuous computer aided engineering chain for CoDiCoFRP. In this regard, the focus will be on the development of patch optimization strategies under consideration of process simulation for CoDiCoFRP. The developed methods will be integrated into the topology and shape optimization method.

The patch optimization strategy will consider manufacturing constraints, fiber distributions and distortion as well as advanced material models. Investigating the dimensioning of CoFRP patches yields a relation between detailed FE simulation models, efficient design methods and manufacturing constraints. For advanced anisotropic topology and shape optimization for CoDiCoFRP, an holistic approach (see Fig. 1) is developed by coupling mold filling simulations with the topology optimization and taking into account manufacturing constraints and varying material properties

Accurate, but still efficient simulation techniques shall be made accessible for component design applications. An efficient strategy to dimension CoDiCoFRP structures, targeted for given geometries and load cases will be developed. In a broader context, a methodology to support cross-discipline decision-making processes for new lightweight-design technologies is set up.

Fig 1: Position and size of CoFRP patches in CAE model