Schöttl Schöttl

Research Area Characterization - C2:Micro-characterization

Microstructural (in-situ) characterization of CoDiCoFRP based on volumetric images

Advisors: Elsner (IAM-WK), Inal (UWaterloo)

During the second generation, the focus will lie on in-situ CT-characterization on microstructural level. Therefore, an in-situ stage was developed specifically for the use within CT-scanners, which allows to position the specimen close to the X-ray tube in order to acquire high resolution scans. Moreover, image registration techniques will be optimized for local three-dimensional strain measurement within the samples. In this regard, cooperation with FIBRE (Prof. Herrmann, Dr. Oliver Focke) allows for the validation of registration techniques at high resolution X-ray sources available at FIBRE. Furthermore, acoustic emission (AE) analysis will be applied to further instrument in-situ CT-testing in cooperation with C3, to identify the damage mechanisms by a coupling of AE and image registration. Another objective will be the mapping of microstructure data to the macroscale in order to provide them for (FE) simulations (S1, S2, S3, S4). Therefore, methods of the first generation to determine microstructure properties will be expanded and combined with mapping methods. This expertise in image registration will also be used for the determination of residual stresses resulting from the manufacturing process by cutting parts (PostDoc) and measuring the resulting warpage (D1).


Figure: In-Situ computed tomography image of a glass fiber SMC microstructure under tensile load