Participating Institutions

Various German and Canadian institutions are involved within the IRTG CoDiCoFRP.

KIT Research Institutes


Institute for Applied Materials – Materials Science and Engineering

Institute for Applied Materials – Computational Materials Science

 Institute of Vehicle System Technology (FAST)

Institute of Mechanics
Institute of Product Engineering

Institute of Engineering Mechanics

Institute of Production Science


Canadian Research Institutions

University of Waterloo
University of Western Ontario (UWO)


University of Windsor (UoW)


McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute


University of Toronto

McGill University


Fraunhofer Institutes

Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials


Fraunhofer Institute for
Chemical Technology

Fraunhofer Project Center
(FPC), Canada
Fraunhofer Project Center
(FPC), Korea


Associated Institutes

Faserinstitut Bremen

Institute for Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry

Further KIT Institutions

International Department

Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists