Rohrmüller Rohrmüller

Research Area Characterization - C1:Mechanics of interfaces

Characterization of fiber-matrix interfaces and interphases under long-term-loading

Advisors: Gumbsch (IAM-CMS), Hohe (IWM), Wood (UWO)

The investigation of fiber-matrix interfaces on the microscale in order to develop an interface model is the research objective of this project. During the second generation, particular attention will be directed to long-term dimensional stability, creep and stress relaxation of the Co-DiCo interface. Therefore, micromechanical creep characterization, investigating both fiber-matrix interfaces and Co-DiCo interfaces shall be performed and evaluated via a reverse engineering approach. An interphase-model will be developed in collaboration with S4. For the experimental investigations tensile tests are done on micro specimens (as shown in Fig. 1). In the micro specimen tensile test, crack propagation can be observed inside and between fiber bundles on specimens directly extracted from structural parts. Damage mechanisms on microscale and interface fracture mechanics material properties will be given to S1, whereas the description of the fiber-matrix interface will be transferred to S3.


Figure: Microscale test specimen of CF-SMC