Miriam Bartkowiak Bartkowiak

Research Area Characterization - C3:Macro-characterization

Macroscopic fatigue behavior of CoDiCoFRTS: investigation of damage evolution and lifetime assessment

Advisors: Weidenmann (IAM-WK), Montesano (UWaterloo)

In the second generation, especially cyclic and fatigue testing (LCF, HCF) of Co, DiCo and CoDiCo SMC at coupon level are in the focus of investigation in continuation of the approach to understand the material behavior under application-related loads (quasi-static, impact and fatigue). The objective is to improve the understanding of the materials damage behavior and to develop a concept of lifetime assessment. Acoustic emission (AE) analysis is considered to be a promising tool for a systematic analysis of the failure mechanisms (S1). Being able to use AE efficiently, data processing via machine learning tools needs to be further developed in cooperation with project C2. The influence of fatigue frequency on the mechanical properties will be investigated and accompanied by characterizing the temperature impact as preliminary work for generation three, focusing on CoDiCoFRTP. With these findings, a suitable lifetime prediction model for CoDiCoFRTS will be derived. In addition to experiments on coupon level, investigations will be extended to 2D/3D structures and more complex load cases (multiaxial loads). In low-cycle fatigue range, testing methods can be adapted to biaxial loadings which require the definition of a suitable specimen geometry, clamping system and measurement technique in cooperation with S2. With the transition to LFT materials for some projects, a basic characterization of quasi-static material properties at coupon level will also be carried out as preliminary work for the third generation.


Figure: Bending Test on DicoFRTS