Johannes Keursten Johannes Keursten

Research Area Simulation - S3:Micro-Mechanical modeling

Full-field modeling of CoDiCoFRTP

Advisors: Böhlke, Schneider (ITM), Wood (UWO)

The third generation will focus on thermoplastic fibre-reinforced polymers. In contrast to thermosets, thermoplastics like polyamide (PA) exhibit a pronounced viscoelastic behaviour. Thus, this project will focus on viscoelastic modelling of the matrix first, including nonlinear effects. To characterize the viscoelastic behaviour and to validate the developed models, various loading cases will be considered: relaxation, creep, tensile tests, load relaxation tests and cyclic loading. The characterization tests will be conducted in cooperation with the RA Characterization. Since the viscoelastic behaviour depends on temperature, moisture, and crystallization, the model will be extended to take these effects into account. Starting with the one-dimensional case, the model will be generalized to the three-dimensional case. In the context of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics, this project will focus on the full-field modelling of LFT. The corresponding viscoelastic full-field model should account for the microstructure. E.g., this includes the impact of fibre orientation distribution, fibre length distribution and fibre-matrix interfaces. From numerical perspective, e.g., FFT-based homogenization (Fast Fourier Transformation) will be applied.