Christoph Kempf Christoph Kempf

Research Area - D3:Design guidelines and engineering process

Development of an integrated methodology to improve the applicability of the resulting knowledge in order to improve the creation of new product generations

Advisors: Albers (IPEK), Behdinan (UToronto)

Goal of the third generation is the application of the characterized and modeled SMC material system on product development processes of realistic products from the automotive context. Therefore, the results of the first two generations will be considered research-references describing the SMC material system. In the first step, the application and establishment of references from research in a product development process will be researched and methodologically supported. Therefore, a change of material of a component from the automotive sector to SMC will be considered. In the second step, the development of a second generation of this component will be researched to develop methodological support for development tasks in the product generation engineering of SMC components.