Celine Lauff Celine Lauff

M.Sc. Celine Lauff

Research Area Simulation - S1:Microstructure Generation

Microstructure generation and micromechanical simulation of long-fiber reinforced polymers

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Böhlke (ITM)

The objectives of S1 within the third generation of GRK 2078 are microstructure generation and micromechanical simulation of LFT.

In addition to the microstructure generation of short-fiber reinforced polymers, in LFT further difficulties need to be addressed. Due to the large fiber aspect ratios, it is challenging to reach the fiber volume fraction of realistic structures. Additionally, while for small aspect ratios the curvature of the fibers has not to be considered, the curvature is a relevant aspect for LFT. Thus, this work will emphasize on developing an algorithm to efficiently generate realistic microstructures which considers the main material characteristics of LFT. As a basis, the experimental data provided by research area Characterization will be used for the mechanical properties.