Katja Höger Katja Höger

Research Area Technology - T3:Quality Assurance

X-ray computed tomography for inline quality assurance of CoDiCoFRP components

Advisors: Lanza (wbk), Thompson (MMRI)

Within the third generation of the IRTG, project T3 focuses on the quality assurance of multi-material components using industrial X-ray computed tomography (CT). Hereby, the existing difficulties for the development of an inline quality assurance system for the production of CoDiCoFRP components, identified during the first two generations, shall be overcome.

CT enables comprehensive and diverse non-destructive quality control tasks with a single measurement. This includes dimensional measurement of geometric features such as tape orientation and component shape, as well as material analyses including pore detection or fibre orientations. However, for its effective use in evaluating CoDiCoFRP components, some problems remain to be solved. For example, the multi-material character of the hybrid components causes a deteriorated image quality of the CT scan. This complicates the subsequent process step of surface determination, leading to increased measurement deviations. Another difficulty concerns the assessment of the measurement uncertainty. These challenges are addressed in the third generation.

Thereby, special focus is placed on the optimisation of the surface determination. The aim is to suggest the best settings for each individual multi-material part. For this purpose, experiments are carried out on various calibrated components. Further, the relationship between image quality, methods and parameters for surface determination and the achieved measurement quality is investigated. In parallel, a digital twin of the real CT is developed. This allows both a targeted expansion of the test scope as well as the systematic investigation of individual influencing factors. Furthermore, it can be used to optimise the determination of the measurement uncertainty.

Set-up for CT measurement of a CoDiCoFRP component