Research Area Design - D3:DesignGuidelines

Identification, conditioning and validation of design relevant material, simulation and production specific knowledge for efficient design of advanced lightweight
Advisors: Albers (IPEK), Johrendt (UoW)

The characteristics of applied materials and appropriate manufacturing processes influence the design process – the shaping of lightweight structures imposes an inherently risk of iterative loops in the design process. In order to shorten development time, to reduce costs and to enhance product quality, it is important to analyze the materials and the processing with respect to their impact on design. For this purpose, a method for acquiring knowledge from different disciplines will be developed and applied in consideration of the perspective of the knowledge recipient. The aim of the method is the application-specific processing of knowledge for lightweight design activities. The compiled results are incorporated into an ontology-based engineering design information system for the dissemination of cross-domain of knowledge.