Research Area Technology - T1:PolymerProcessing

Local continuous fiber reinforcements and their interaction with DiCoFRP in compression molding
Advisors: Henning (FAST), Park (UT)

The intention of this PhD project is the creation of light weight high performance composite materials tailored to the process of co-molding and the demands of the automotive industry. This will be achieved by the help of material- and process development.
To ensure fiber position and alignment of continuous fibers while compression molding with flowabel chopped fiber SMC (DiCoFRP), an Unsaturated Polyester Polyurethane Hybrid resin (UPPH) is used. The UPPH offers a B-stage with a high viscosity level for the CoFRP while molding as well as increased productivity, as no maturing is needed. In addition with a fixation of the CoFRP inside the mold, the CoDiCoFRP mass production under high reproducibility and quality will be enabled.



CoFRP structure and final CoDiCoFRP component