Benedikt Fengler

Dr.-Ing. Benedikt Fengler

Research Area Design - D1:PatchOpt

Production oriented dimensioning of local patches under consideration of distortion and manufacturing constraints
Advisors: Kärger, Henning (FAST), Hrymak (UWO)

The objective of this PhD project is the development of dimensioning strategies for the best position and size of CoFRP patches in DiCoFRP components by including the process simulation via CAE chain. The 1st PhD generation will use CoDiCoFRTS components to develop an optimization strategy for CoFRTS patches. In order to achieve the best producible solution, manufacturing constraints have to be taken into account. One vital process parameter which has to be considered is the temperature distribution during curing, which leads to distortions. The aim of distortion minimization is included into the patch optimization strategy as an important boundary condition. Therefore, a multi objective optimization method has to be developed. In order to reach an optimized positioning, it is necessary to include both, structural and process simulation. Therefore, a CAE chain will be developed. Additionally, required manufacturing constraints will be specified in the other PhD projects will be used for structural optimization.




Optimization method for continuous fiber reinforced patches