Research Area Technology - T3:QualAss

Implementation of an Inline Quality Assurance System for the improved Production of CoDiCoFRP components
Advisors: Lanza (wbk), Thompson (MMRI)

Quality assurance will be more and more important for stable and error-free process chains. This project deals with the development of inline quality assurance concepts and measurement systems for CoDiCoFRTS. A special focus will be set on process-integrated optical measurement of form deviations and contour accuracy of 2.5-dimensional sub-preforms made out of 2D SMC and unidirectional-SMC materials. Furthermore, the measurement of the overall orientation and alignment angle of the local continuous reinforcement fibers on the discontinuous fiber reinforced polymers is a part of the project.

A suitable sensor configuration has to be identified based on the characteristics of different optical systems. Established technologies, such as tactile measurement systems and computed tomography, will be used to qualify the optical measurements to ensure traceability. Furthermore the qualification of non-destructive testing principles, such as ultrasound and thermography for inline quality assurance of the pressed CoDiCoFRP is part of the project as well. By implementing an inline quality assurance system using measurement systems for the semi-finished material as well as for the pressed CoDiCoFRP offers the opportunity to use this information e.g. for a closed loop control.



Figure 1: Scanning of a CoFRP preform using
a laser stripe sensor

Figure 2: Laser stripe sensor