Schemmann Schemmann

Research Area Simulation - S2:MeanFieldModeling

Mean field models for DiCoFRP and CoDiCoFRP
Advisors: Böhlke (ITM), Hrymak (UWO)

The microstructure-based description of DiCoFRP and CoFRP by thermo-mechanical mean field models applicable in the context of finite element-based structural computations is the research objective of this project. The challenge is to use μCT data and data from mold flow simulations for specifying the microstructure geometry, such as fiber orientation distribution or fiber length distribution. The properties of the single constituents shall be determined in Cooperation by other projects in the research areas characterization and simulation.
The model validation is planned under uniaxial and biaxial loadings. In biaxial tensile tests, viscoelastic material properties as well as multiaxial damage behavior is characterized. Due to the macro-heterogeneity of the stress and strain fields require inverse parameter identification.

The models are expected to reproduce the macro-heterogeneity of components. Potential applications are in the research areas Simulation and Design where the homogenized mechanical properties are coupled with the moldfilling simulation to solve complex optimization problems.

Stress distribution in a 3D SMC part