Pascal Pinter Pinter

Research Area Characterization - C2: MicroScaleCharacterization

Quantitative description of the inner structure and interfacial properties of CoDiCoFRP
Advisors: Elsner (IAM-WK), Charpentier (UWO)

The information from this sub-project constitutes the essential data for the working group’s need for microstructure characteristics and insight. It, therefore, provides input for the mechanical modeling, interface and phase field modeling as well as process validation.

A major part of this project is the image analysis of continuous and discontinuous areas from µCT data. Therefore, tools for the determination of orientation tensors from µCT-images were developed and validated. Limits of lab based µCT have to be investigated and the resolution that is necessary for different applications has to be examined. For this, the data has to be validated by image registration with other imaging modalities like light microscopy. Possible additional features that could be extracted from µCT data are fiber length and fiber volume fraction. In-situ tensile tests are carried out in the micro computed tomograph to determine local strains for the validation of results from mechanical modeling projects. Nevertheless, the interfacial strength between fibers and matrix is examined by push-out tests and the mechanical properties of the single fibers are determined.

Fig. 1: Orientation Analysis of a SMC Material

Fig. 2: µCT-in-situ device for tensile tests