Research Area Technology - T2:HandPref

Automated integrated handling and preforming
Advisors: Fleischer (wbk), Urbanic (UoW)

Nowadays, the handling and preforming of semi-finished CoFRTS and DiCoFRTS materials are mostly done manually and in two subsequent process steps. A research goal of this PhD project is the process integration of an automated handling and preforming of the semi-finished materials from 2 to 2.5-dimensional sub preforms. Both, the handling and preforming steps will be integrated in one system. Firstly, the system restrictions will be defined. Grippers and material characteristics will to be analyzed. Then, a suitable gripper will consequently be selected. As the handling and preforming are combined in one system configuration, grippers and actuators in the system, therefore, need to be adjusted for handling the adhesive semi-finished FRTS. Thereby, a challenge is the reproducible handling and preforming of the materials as well as the implementation of an adequate process control. For the design of the handling and preforming system, the requirements resulting from other research topics in the fields of the manufacturing process and part design will be considered. The developed quality assurance system from project T3 QualAss will optionally be integrated to the HandPref-System. Finally, the integrated handling and preforming system will be validated.


Fig. 1: Handling and preforming system

Fig. 2: CAD modell of a possible system prototype