Benedikt Scheuring Benedikt Scheuring

Research Area Characterization - C3:Macro-characterization

Macroscopic mechanical properties of CoDiCoFRTP under near-service load

Advisors: Weidenmann (Augsburg University), Montesano (UWaterloo)

The third generation research topic involves the transfer of the experimental methodology of CoDiCoFRTS to study the material properties of CoDiCoFRTP based on long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) considering different loading cases, thermal effects and hygroscopic behavior. Therefore, at the beginning, a basic characterization of the quasi-static material properties of Co, DiCo and CoDiCo LFT will be performed at coupon level in standard climates with a special focus on the hybridization effect, i.e. the local reinforcement with UD-tapes. In parallel, the moisture uptake will be analyzed and modeled in order to plan the conditioning to different temperatures and volatilities necessary for further investigation. To ensure the representativeness of the measured results, thermal analysis procedures (DSC, TGA) will be carried out on the individual production batches. In the further course, the focus will be on the investigation of Co, DiCo and CoDiCo LFT under (operational) loads (quasi-static, impact, fatigue). Elevated temperatures and moisture effects on mechanical properties will be investigated in close cooperation with C2. Hydrothermal aging will also be considered in order to determine the occurrence of different failure mechanisms by means of fracture surface and µCT analysis in cooperation with C2. Especially for the fatigue tests (LCF, HCF) a testing machine will be extended by a temperature and humidity controlled test chamber. This will enable the influence of different climatic conditions to be made visible in long-term tests. The gathered results will be transferred to a demonstrator part to be defined within the IRTG team.

Bending Test in a climate chamber