Christoph Schelleis Christoph Schelleis

Research Area Technology - T1:Amorphe Matrixsysteme im LFT-D Prozess

Fabrication of amorphous LFTs with special attention to subsequent incorporation of continuous fiber reinforced structures to produce "Class A" surfaces

Advisors: Henning (FAST), Hrymak (UWO)

In this project an amorphous thermoplastic matrix system will be investigated and added to the tailored D-LFT portfolio.
Special attention is given to the unique properties of amorphous material in contrast to semi-crytalline materials usually processed in the D-LFT process. Lower polymer shrinkage promises benefits for part properties and also in regards to hybridization potentials. CoDiCo trials with tape reinforced LFT structures as well as process parameter studies are conducted and compared to findings for semi-crystalline materials. Characterization of semi-finished material as well as finished parts are conducted by TGA, FASEP, DSC and mechanical testing. Process equipment is modified accordingly if needed. A process simulation is adapted and validated for amorphous D-LFT materials.