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Research Area Simulation - Associated Project

Micromechanics and homogenization methods for polymer based materials
Advisors: Böhlke (ITM), Wood (UWO)

Semi-crystalline polymer materials are used in numerous applications. They essentially consist of two spatially separated phases: A crystalline, hermoelastic and an amorphous, thermoviscoelastic phase. In addition, there is a stiff amorphous phase at the interfaces between the crystalline and amorphous regions.  Since these materials are in a thermodynamic non-equilibrium state caused by the manufacturing processes, their mechanical properties change over time. Compared to the current state of research and production, the durability of components made of semi-crystalline polymers can be significantly increased if suitable material models are available that can be used to calculate and optimize component properties before production. However, this requires a precise understanding of the thermomechanical behaviour of this group of substances. The aim of this project is the micromechanical modelling of crystallization. The associated kinetics will be investigated using a simplified microstructure model that allows a quantitative understanding of crystallization based on a spatially resolved model with moving phase boundaries.