Coutandin Coutandin

Research Area Technology - Associated Project

Methodology for a near net shape, wrinkle-free production of textile preforms by using a segment based die draping
Advisors: Fleischer (wbk), Urbanic (UoW)

The binder-forming-technology shows a great potential to reach a large-scale production. An interesting approach for automated draping is the use of segmented stamping dies. Accordingly, the textile ply stacking sequence is shaped similar to a deep drawing process by means of matrices, punches and sliders. The fixation of the layers to one another as well as the shape retention of the preforms is achieved by using a binder.
To exploit the maximum potential of the draping process with segmented punches for a large number of different geometries, a systematic method for the process design is necessary. Based on a geometric analysis and a finite element draping simulation, a segmentation of the die and the sequence of the punches have to be determined.

Figure: Multiple stamp draping unit