Research Area Design - D2:Topology and Shape Optimization

Numerical bead optimization of fiber-reinforced plastic components under consideration of manufacturing influences

Advisors: Albers (IPEK), Behdinan (UToronto)

In virtual product development, structural optimization plays a central role. It can be distinguished according to topology, shape and parameter optimization. Since the topology optimization (TopoOpt) of DiCoFRP was investigated in the first generation of GRK 2078, the second generation is dedicated to shape optimization (ShapeOpt) and, in this particular case, the optimization of bead patterns.  With properly designed bead patterns, the stiffness of a structure can be significantly increased without the need for additional material. Therefore, the aim of this research is to take into account the local, anisotropic material properties as well as manufacturing influences during bead optimization, which can only be realized in close cooperation with the IRTG partners from the Research Areas Simulation and Technology. The integrated bead optimization is to be achieved by iterative coupling of mold-filling simulations into the bead optimization process. In order to specify predefined interfaces, a coupling framework will be developed in order to ensure that a seamless combination of the individual optimization modules and in addition the integration of other modules from the members of IRTG (e.g., process simulations (D1), material properties (S2)) is possible in the following step.


Figure: Bead optimization with integrated manufacturing influences