Nicolas Christ Nicolas Christ

Research Area Characterization – C1:Mechanics of interfaces

Interface characterization and modeling of thermoplastic fiber composites

Advisors: Gumbsch (IAM-ZM), Hohe (IWM), Montesano (UWaterloo)

The goal of the third generation is to characterize and model interface properties in fiber-reinforced thermoplastics with a special focus on creep and failure mechanisms. For this purpose, experiments will be performed on neat matrix, fiber-matrix interfaces and CoDiCo interfaces to model the micromechanical behavior via a reverse engineering approach. To account for the polymer's sensitivity to environmental effects, environmental variables such as temperature and humidity must be considered during characterization and modeling.  While environmental effects on the matrix material are expected, the effects on the interface have yet to be determined. Micromechanical tensile testing will be added to the study to evaluate the response of the material to a wide range of strain rates. In this regard, collaboration with C3, S1, S3 and the PostDoc will be sought to evaluate the data obtained.

Crack propagation via fiber-matrix interfaces