Benedikt Sterr Benedikt Sterr

Research Area Simulation - S2:Scale bridging

Scale bridging and computational mechanics of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics

Advisors: Böhlke (ITM), Wood (UWO)

The objective of the third generation will be the macro scale modeling and characterization of the anisotropic, thermo-viscous, and thermo-viscoplastic behaviour of LFT in molten and solid state. The model developed for the SMC solidmaterial in the second generation will be used as a basis and extended for LFT. Additionally computational upscaling methods like Deep Material Networks will be explored. High fidelity, FFT-based simulations and experimental data will provide the basis for computational and analytical upscaling. A focus could lie on the highly temperature dependent nonlinear properties, the viscoelastic behavior, and stochastic material properties. Qualitative and quantitative conclusions regarding environmental impact on the mechanical behavior (esp. temperature, humidity, aging) will be investigated.