Schild Schild

Research Area Technology - Associated Project

Optimization of imaging parameters using projection-based quality parameters in industrial computed tomography
Advisors: Lanza (wbk), Thompson (MMRI)

Industrial computed tomography is getting increasingly important. This non-destructive measuring method enables not only the dimensional measurement of a component, but also the testing of material parameters such as porosity and fiber orientation. Due to the large number of possible applications and the limited amount of experience in the application so far, the operator is confronted with a challenge every time a new measurement has to be done. A large number of parameters influences the measurement result and must be adapted to the specific component. In order to counter the adjustment dilemma, a user support software is being developed in this research project. The software is based on so-called projection quality parameters, which are determined from individual x-ray projections in advance of a measurement using image processing methods. The aim of the research project is to identify suitable projection parameters that will reliably enable settings to be determined that result in minimum measurement uncertainty. Experiments and simulations with calibrated workpieces will be carried out and a software prototype will be developed. Validation with industrial components ensures transferability into practice.




Figure: Exemplary Computed tomography measurement of calibrated workpiece