Johannes Görthofer Görthofer

Research Area Simulation - S3:Micro-mechanical modeling

Full-field modeling of CoDiCoFRTS

Advisors: Schneider, Böhlke (ITM), Hrymak (UWO)

The focus of this project lies on full-field material modeling of SMC composites. Central for that purpose is the ability to generate realistic SMC microstructures for prescribed microstructural descriptors. In particular, within the compression molding process of SMC the fibers ought to form fiber bundles. In contrast to the literature, where 2.5D microstructure models are considered, fully three-dimensional unit cells will be generated, based on an adaption of the sequential addition and migration method as well as a random sequential addition method. The digitally generated structures are validated by CT scans of project C2 and compared to flow simulation results of project D1. Afterwards, a thermo-elastic material model, taking into account eigenstresses, should be developed. Hereby interconnections and data exchange with, e.g., projects S1, S2, S4 and the PostDoc will aim on a proper modeling. The influence of the fiber orientation distribution, volume fraction, aspect ratio, temperature, loading, etc. on the stress and strain field should be investigated. With these findings, a damage model for fiber bundles will be developed and subsequently refined to depict fiber-fiber interaction and damage within a bundle, serving as input for simulations of the SMC unit cells. A comparison to the results of the mean-field damage model of the first generation of S2, as well as the fracture model of project S1 is of interest.


Figure: Multi-scale approach to SMC composites