Research Area Characterization - C3:MacroScaleCharacterization

Mechanical properties for SMC and LFT composites and locally reinforced CoDiCoFRP
Advisors: Weidenmann (IAM-WK), Altenhof (UoW)

To provide validation data for the related process, optimization and simulation projects, testing methods for continuous-discontinuous (CoDiCo) fiber reinforced polymers have to be generated.

Aim of this research project is therefore the characterization of mechanical properties of DiCoFRP and CoDiCoFRP on a macroscopic scale. Already existing testing methods used for SMC materials with the focus on local strain and damage measurement will be extended to generate testing methods for CoDiCoFRP featuring local reinforcements. Starting point for the observation of structure-property relationships will be a comprehensive material investigation and process parameter screening for SMC-based (Co)DiCoFRP with consideration of process-related influences on the mechanical properties. Another focus lays on the analysis of failure and local deformation as well as damage evolution under near-service loads.

To describe longtime material behavior of CoDiCoFRP and to determine failure mechanisms due to cyclic loadings fatigue testing series will also be carried out. A strong collaboration with research projects considering the fiber-matrix interface (C1: MicroMechInterface) and micro-tomographic observations (C2: MicroCharacterization) will help to better understand failure and damage mechanisms of CiDoCoFRP.

Fig. 1: Tensile test on continuously reinforced carbon fiber SMC