International Research Training Group CoDiCoFRP

Qualification Measures

An important part of the Educational Program is defined by several Qualification Measures besides consolidating the scientific knowledge of the PhD candidates.

Among them there are

  • Seminar on the Rules of good scientific practice and on Collecting and archiving research data
  • Intercultural communication and presentation training
  • Module on Scientific writing
  • Module on International project management
  • Module on Human resource management and conflict management

Rules of good scientific practice / Collecting and archiving research data

In this seminar, the rules of good scientific practice are communicated. Since  an effective management of research data becomes more and more important, a seminar on collecting and archiving research data will be set up.

Intercultural communication and presentation training

Intercultural Management focuses on intercultural communication and leadership. Culture appropriate behavior greatly increases success in international management and cooperation. The presentation training provides the participants with the necessary skills to successfully and attractively present scientific papers at conferences, and to confidently defend results during discussions.

Scientific writing

The seminar comprises two one-day interactive sessions that take participants step-by-step through the writing and revision of one of their papers at the conceptual, organizational and writing levels. The participants learn how to ensure that the paper's content fits to their message and audience. They learn how to organize a paper and structure a logical argument in English. as well as how to revise their texts at the section, paragraph and sentence level.

International project management

International project management is a key to the world of business and one of the crucial qualifications for  individuals acting in an international environment. The participants receive an introduction to project management that aims at acquiring the ability to identify and apply goals and quantitative methods for future project planning. Methodological and best-practice aspects are elements to organize a research project.  Topics of this module include an introduction to the objectives and methods of project management and scheduling, including aspects of project risk, multi-project management in an international setting, and development and intercultural project management.

Human resource management and conflict management

This module addresses the challenges of human resource management in industry and academia. Topics include 'Teamwork & leadership competencies in academia', 'Conflict management', 'Management training', as well as 'Leadership and management development in industry'. The participants are introduced to important leadership techniques and become acquainted with the methodical approach to leadership tasks. A dedicated workshop in conflict management conveys fundamental knowledge about dealing with conflicts and practices the power of observations as well as negotiation.